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3 Key Benefits of AbsolutAire’s Direct-Fired Booth Heating Systems


When your application demands perfection, AbsolutAire’s direct-fired booth heating systems are designed to deliver. Used by major automotive manufacturers, top construction equipment manufacturers and other industry leaders, our Spray & Bake models have been engineered to help achieve a smooth, even coat every time. With two modes, “Spray” and “Bake,” the systems first deliver fresh make-up air for high volume, low-temperature ventilation to improve safety and finish. Next, they deliver heated, curing air that speeds the drying process and increases productivity. Today, we’d like to look closer at three of the key benefits that our direct-fired booth heating systems offer.

Make-up Air Systems and the Food Service Industry


A high quality, low maintenance and versatile make-up air unit system like the AbsolutAire V-Series, can make a world of difference when it comes to your kitchen’s efficiency. Offering a massive range of options, such as cooling, filtration, variable air volume and exhaust fan controls, make-up air systems can work towards increasing employee comfort, reducing fuel expenditures and preserving profits. Now, let’s take a look at five of the most immediate benefits you’ll gain by investing in a quality make-up air unit system.

Total Air Management, Inside And Out


At AbsolutAire, we understand the growing necessity to not only concentrate on the quality of your facility’s indoor air, but to ensure the quality of our environment’s air as well. For that reason, we engineered our AbsolutAire R- and S-Series of heavy industrial equipment to provide optimum indoor air quality (IAQ) while also adhering to a “green building” design.

On The Roof, Bigger HVAC Is Not Always Better


Roof-top HVAC units are popular for commercial and light industrial buildings because of their simplicity as complete, packaged units. But they also seem to be misunderstood.

The Consortium of Energy Efficiency has found in its studies that a minimum of 25 percent of rooftop HVAC units are oversized for their buildings. Government agencies warn of the same problem. An oversized rooftop system increases energy costs and equipment wear.

Spray & Bake Ideal for Paint Booth and Spray Booth Applications


AbsolutAire’s Spray & Bake direct-fired booth heating systems provide adequate, temperature-controlled ventilation during the spray process and then heat up the booth with high-temperature ventilation during the curing process. These systems can be fueled with either natural or LP gas and can accommodate 6,000 to 130,000 CFM for constant high or reduced airflow volumes.

Demand for ‘Green’ Construction Increases Challenge for HVAC Companies


The increasing focus on conserving energy in all facilities and the rising demand to construct “green” buildings will put extra pressure on HVAC companies in the coming years. As demand for HVAC installations in new and retrofitted buildings is expected to continue to rise at least until 2019, manufacturers will be under pressure to produce HVAC equipment with ever improving energy savings.

Warehouses Look Simple, but Require Complex HVAC Solutions


Maintaining the proper environment for warehouses requires multiple-choice solutions. From the outside, if you don’t look too closely, warehouses are the most basic of buildings: essentially four walls, some loading dock doors, and few if any interior walls that cut into storage space.

It’s what is stored in the warehouses and how the buildings are used that set each of them apart. Some need to maintain low interior temperatures for products requiring cold storage. With other warehouses, humidity is the issue. In a warehouse that serves as a distribution center, ventilation with outside air is important to expel vehicle exhaust. If saving energy is a top priority, recycling inside air is the best plan.

Expansion Completed


Our 7,000 square foot inventory warehouse has been completed.

Make Indoor Air Quality A Priority At Your Work Place


Indoor air quality should be a priority of any industry.  The EPA has put together a document for all types of work environments to consider when thinking about ventilation systems and the air quality in the building, warehouse or office.

EISA 2007


With the enactment of The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007