Customer Service

Neil D. Duncan

Customer Service Technician

Neil Duncan Sr. is a Customer Service Technician at AbsolutAire.  His primary responsibilities include factory technical support, equipment troubleshooting, and maintenance.  Neil also performs in-house quality control start-up and testing on newly manufactured equipment.

Neil has more than 18 years of HVAC experience, and he has over 17 years of experience in all aspects of manufacturing, testing, and field service of water sourced heat pumps.  Neil joined the AbsolutAire Customer Service team in April 2014.

Tom Wisser

Customer Service Technician

Tom Wisser is a Customer Service Technician for AbsolutAire.  His various responsibilities in this position include equipment technical support, handling parts orders and warranty issues, and writing electrical incentive contracts for production employees.

Tom began his career with AbsolutAire following graduation from high school.  Over his many years with the company, Tom has steadily risen in responsibility.  His experiences have included stints in plant maintenance and safety, product paint booth operations, unit assembly, electrical controls production, management, and customer service.

In addition to continual on-the-job training, Tom also has specialized training in electrical systems, field start-up procedures, and warranty claims fulfillment.

Shannon Dowd

Customer Service Technician

Shannon Dowd is a Customer Service Representative and Field Service Technician at AbsolutAire. Shannon’s responsibilities include providing post-shipment support for all equipment manufactured by AbsolutAire.

Shannon has 30 years of experience working with various companies in the HVACR industry. He has a Bachelor of Science in HVACR Engineering from Ferris State University and is a licensed Mechanical Contractor with the Michigan Bureau of Construction Codes. Shannon has Universal Refrigerant Transition and Recovery Certification as required by EPA guidelines 40 CFR Part 82, Subpart F.

Bruce E. Owen

Bruce E. Owen

Customer Service Technician

Bruce Owen is a Customer Service Technician at AbsolutAire. In this role, Bruce provides technical support to contractors and owners and does most of the electrical design for field modifications.  Because of his vast experience, Bruce is also a valuable mentor to other employees in all areas of AbsolutAire’s electrical design and manufacturing departments.

Bruce began his HVAC career in 1978 with Rapid Engineering in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He held various positions in manufacturing and engineering during his twelve years with the company. In 1990, Bruce left the company to become a realtor with Westdale Better Homes and Gardens in the Grand Rapids area. He then joined AbsolutAire shortly after its start-up in 1992 and for a number of years managed electrical assembly. This position led to his working as an Electrical Engineer before assuming his current position of Customer Service Technician.

Bruce has taken selected classes in Electrical Systems Design at Grand Rapids Junior College. During his time with AbsolutAire, he has also participated in various specialized training opportunities provided by HVAC component suppliers, including Maxon Burners, Honeywell Burner Controls, and Lincoln Motors.