HTLV Space Heating

H-Series HTLV - Space Heating

AbsolutAire H-Series high temperature, low volume (HTLV) space heating systems offer design flexibility to meet heating and ventilating requirements for a range of applications including warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing plants, aircraft hangars, and much more. There are many options available, including insulation, cooling, special controls, filtration, inlet hoods, and dampers. The draw-through design of the H-Series space heater ensures uniform airflow across the direct-fired burner, and allows automatic, accurate adjustments of the burner profile opening to compensate for changes in static pressure and air volume. With indoor air quality and occupant comfort in mind, the H-Series acheives uniform heating without cold spots or the need for supplementary fans though its ratio of air-delivery volume to velocity, its burner-fan operation, and air-distribution design. All models are available with ETL Certification to current ANSI standards.

  • Capacities from 800 to 54,000 CFM, 100 to 6,000 MBHH-Series HTLV Space Heater
  • Alternative Heating Options Available such as Electric, Steam, or Hot Water (HW)
  • 100% Outside Air (OA), Fixed or Variable Volume
  • Application Versatility: Indoor or Outdoor, Upright or Horizontal Mounting
  • Three Discharge Directions Available
  • Weather-Resistant, Heavy Gauge Aluminized Steel Construction
  • Multiple Access Doors (drop-out and/or hinged with lock-open braces)
  • Natural or LP Gas
  • Piped and Wired for Quick Installation
  • Fan Bearings Rated for a Minimum L-10 Life of 100,000 Hours
  • Durable Siloxane Epoxy Paint Finish (5,500 hour salt-spray rated with 8 standard colors, special colors available)
  • 90-Day, Two-Year Parts Limited Warranty

The AbsolutAire H-Series can go beyond the typical space heating design of operating with 100%outside air and cycling on and off according to space temperature demands. A variety of airflow and control options enhance the value by adding variable volume ventilation capabilities.

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