Industrial Heating and Ventilating

R-Series - Direct Fired Heating and Ventilating

The AbsolutAire R-Series offers the best available technology for environmental friendliness, energy efficiency, and indoor air quality (IAQ) in make-up air and heating and ventilating applications. These systems deliver “total air management” by introducing a slightly positive pressure to reduce heat stratification and limit infiltration of cold air, dust, and dirt. The R-Series also utilizes a unique backward-inclined air foil fan, which, when compared to the DWDI forward-curved fan, uses 40% less brake horsepower to deliver the same volume of airflow. The line is ETL certified to ANSI standards.

With “green engineering” a mandate, the innovative R-Series is an excellent choice. R300 models offer low first-cost, while R400 models set a new standard for premium construction. Both offer a wide range of facility air-management choices, as well as maximum installation flexibility. A wide range of options and application versatility make the R Series the preferred choice for heavy industrial applications, harsh and corrosive environments, clean and climate-controlled environments, and government and public buildings.

  • Alternative Heating Options Available such as Electric, Steam, or Hot Water (HW)
  • 100% Outside Air (OA) and Return Air (RA) Design Options Available
  • Advanced Energy-Saving Design Excellence, 99.8% Efficient Burner with 30:1 Turndown Capability
  • Application Versatility: Indoor or Outdoor, Upright or Horizontal Mounting
  • Five Discharge Configurations Available
  • Weather-Resistant, Rigid Heavy Gauge Aluminized Steel Construction
  • Hinged Access Doors
  • Fan Bearings Rated for a Minimum L-10 Life of 100,000 Hours
  • Durable Two-Coat Paint Finish, Owner Matched Colors at No Extra Cost
  • 90-Day, Two-Year Parts Limited Warranty


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