Direct and Indirect-Fired Solutions


  • Precise Climate Control
  • Suitable for Manned and Unmanned Applications
  • Uniform Heating Without Stratification
  • 100% Outside Air (OA) and Return Air (RA) Options Available
  • Indoor and Outdoor Design Options

Warehouses come in many shapes and sizes, some automated, some manual, some a combination of both. Depending on the specific application, they may require precise climate (such as temperature and humidity) control, scheduling for occupied and unoccupied modes, or an OA/RA design to cut energy costs while keeping the space warm. AbsolutAire can provide a specific solution to any warehouse application.

The patented AbsolutAire E-Series direct-fired air turnover unit offers a unique and economical alternative to the typical, 80% efficient indirect-fired air turnover system commonly used in warehouses. The 99.97% efficient direct-fired burner coupled with the “air turnover” design ensures uniform heating without stratification. The E-Series mixes warm building air with as little as 2% OA to heat the space, all while using a high performance, direct drive axial fan to keep energy costs low.

Conserving precious floor space is just as important as conserving energy in a warehouse application, and AbsolutAire has several outdoor-mounted options to meet these needs. These units can also combine a mix of OA and RA to slash heating costs. AbsolutAire has pioneered an economical, high-efficiency space heating system using a direct-fired burner and a high volume, low velocity air recirculation approach. This unique combination ensures that direct-fired gas heating systems are considerably less costly to operate than other heating systems. With a wide range of airflow and heating capacities, modular design, and many options and accessories available, AbsolutAire space heating systems are the perfect solution for both new and retrofit construction.

Return Air Heating and Ventilating

Dan Pfeiffer Auto Dealership - Byron Center, MI

Return Air Heating and Ventilating

UPS Distribution Hub - Franklin Park, IL

Direct-Fired Air Turnover

Nelson Steel Products - Holland, MI

High Temp, Low Volume

Target Corp. Distribution Center - Columbus, OH

Indirect-Fired Return Air Heating

Dover Air Force Base - Dover, DE

Direct-Fired Air Turnover

Langley Air Force Base - Hampton, VA

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