Direct and Indirect-Fired Solutions

Dan Pfeiffer Auto Dealership - Byron Center, MI

Return Air Heating and Ventilating

AA-Series Two-Position OA/RA Recirculation
Economical Balanced Heating & Ventilating

Key Facts:
Product : AbsolutAire AA-Series Horizontal OA/RA Recirculation System
Model: AA3-HBX
Airflow: 7,800 CFM
Capacity: 716 MBH
Fuel: Natural Gas

2-Position Return Air (RA) Damper
Filtered Inlet Hood
Space Temperature Control
4-Way Double-Deflection
Discharge Head

Installed: 2002

Project Overview:
Balancing proper air-quality management with economical energy conservation was the primary goal for an automotive dealership service facility. Dan Pfeiffer Auto in Byron Center, MI, chose an AbsolutAire AA-Series direct-fired system to meet its requirements for occupied times and off-hours.

During the daytime peak service hours, the two-position OA/RA system operates with heating 100% outside air to provide maximum fresh air ventilation and maintain a safe environment for service personnel as vehicle fumes are exhausted. During unoccupied nighttime hours, the system dampers modulate to blend 20% outside air with 80% return air, and a lower space temperature is maintained. The two-position feature of this heating and ventilating system gave the dealership maximum ventilation and occupant comfort when needed, as well as reduced energy use when heating and ventilation were less critical.

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