Direct and Indirect-Fired Heating and Ventilating and Make-Up Air


Advanced HVAC Solutions
Pure and simple solutions with the best available technology. AbsolutAire offers an unbeatable combination of innovation, quality, and service excellence.

  • 100% Efficient Direct-Fired Gas Burner Technology
  • ETL Certification to ANSI Standards
  • Two-Year Parts and 90-Day Labor Limited Warranty
  • Evaporative and Mechanical Cooling Available
  • Steam, Hot Water, and Electric Coil Heating Available
  • Each Product Completely Customizable

Direct-Fired, Value-Driven Make-Up Air: 100% Fresh Air, Heated, Cooled or Both. Heating Capacities 155 - 1,125 MBH and Airflow Capacities 800 – 13,000 CFM.

Direct-Fired Draw-Through Design: Heating, Ventilating, and Make-Up Air. Heating Capacities 200 – 6,000 MBH and Airflow Capacities 800 – 54,000 CFM.

Direct-Fired High Temperature, Low Volume Space Heating. Heating Capacities 100 – 6,000 MBH and Airflow Capacities 800 – 54,000 CFM.

Direct-Fired Heating and Ventilating Systems: Advanced Energy-Saving Design Excellence. Heating Capacities 200 - 17,000 MBH and Airflow Capacities 4,000 -130,000 CFM.

Direct-Fired Air Turnover Systems: Clean and Green with Total Energy Efficiency. Heating Capacities 400 - 7,000 MBH and Airflow Capacities 10,000 - 120,000 CFM.

Indirect-Fired Heating and Ventilating Systems: Innovative Design Solutions. Heating Capacities 75 - 1,200 MBH and Airflow Capacities 600 - 14,800 CFM.

Custom Air-Handling Systems for Heating and Ventilating: Total Environmental Control.

Fan Boxes: FB-Series
Available in DWDI and SWSI Configurations. Aluminized Steel Construction, Painted with Industrial Enamel. Airflow Capacities 3,000 – 130,000 CFM.

Fan Boxes: M-Series
Non-Corrosive Steel or Aluminum Sheet Metal Construction. Airflow Capacities 800 – 14,000 CFM.

Specialized Products: BB-Series
Burner Boxes to be Installed in Existing Systems. Airflow Capacities 3,000 – 100,000 CFM.

Specialized Products: CH-Series
Construction and Temporary Heaters: Instant Comfort Heating with Direct-Fired Economy. Heating Capacity 900,000 BTH/Hr. and Airflow Capacity 7,000 CFM.

Specialized Products: DH & APD-Series
Door Heaters and Air Process Dryers: High-Speed, Directed Airflow with Direct-Fired Heating Efficiency. Heating Capacities 600,000 - 900,000 BTU/Hr. and Airflow Capacity 7,000 CFM.

Additional Capabilities: DDC Controls
Internet-Enabled Real-Time HVAC Monitoring and Control, Available from Low-Cost Single Unit Control To Multiple-Unit Networks that can be Modified as Control Strategies Change.

Additional Capabilities: Cooling Options
High Capacity, Economical Evaporative Cooling and High Efficiency Direct Expansion (DX) and Chilled Water (CW) Mechanical Cooling.

Additional Capabilities: Energy and Heat Recovery
Plate Heat Exchangers, Heat Pipes, and Run-Around Recovery Coils for Make-Up Air Systems.