Energy Recovery, Cooling and DDC Controls

Additional Capabilities

AbsolutAire has the design capabilities to suit almost every application. Below are just a few of the advanced product options that can be added to any system. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, chances are we can build it. Just ask!


Energy and Heat Recovery 

Energy recovery adds even more value to AbsolutAire direct-fired heating, ventilating, and make-up air systems. Already considered top solutions for low cost and high efficiency, AbsolutAire’s AA-Series and R-Series systems can be built with heat exchangers that recover waste heat from facility processes to pre-heat fresh outside air for the building supply air. This helps cut energy costs by reducing the heating load and both fuel and electrical usage. Based on specific application and performance requirements, plate-to-plate heat exchangers, heat pipes, or run-around recovery coils may be used. Options include bypass dampers for seasonal operation, electronic or DDC temperature controls, and supply and exhaust air fans in a single unit.

Advanced Features - DDC Controls

Cooling Options

Cooling Options

Economical and effective cooling is easily added to your choice of AbsolutAire direct and indirect -fired heating, ventilating, and make-up air systems. The cooling option selected can also be stand alone or coupled with steam, electric, or hot water heating systems.

Evaporative and mechanical cooling options are available. These cooling choices are low-cost, efficient answers for temperature and/or humidity control, increased worker comfort, and improved indoor air quality. Based on your facility requirements, we can help if cooling only is needed or if adding or subtracting humidity is desired as well. We can develop an engineered solution based on the entering air and leaving dry bulb (db) and wet bulb (wb) objectives, along with elevation above sea level.

  • EVN-Series Evaporative Cooling Without Water Recirculation.
    Airflow Capacities 800 – 14,000 CFM.
  • EVR-Series Evaporative Cooling With Water Recirculation.
    Airflow Capacities 800 – 133,400 CFM.
  • CB-Series Mechanical Cooling: Direct Expansion (DX) or Chilled Water (CW).
    Airflow Capacities 800 – 130,000 CFM.



Facility air quality management demands a defined, failsafe control strategy. Depending on the system selected to meet make-up air, heating and ventilating, or full environment needs, AbsolutAire offers DDC microprocessor control technologies for networked building management, as well as individual unit and remote controls for stand-alone systems.

User-friendly DDC control systems allow online and offline system monitoring, precise energy management, operational and maintenance scheduling, and more. Non-DDC controls set and maintain space temperature or discharge air temperature with an at-unit or remote installation. Direct-fired paint booths use specialized "spray and bake" controls.

Energy and Heat Recovery

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