Manufacturing Services

Jack E. Budnick

Jack E. Budnick

Vice President, Operations

Jack E. Budnick is Plant Manager at AbsolutAire. In this role, he is responsible for all aspects of the company’s purchasing requirements, including supplier-cost analysis, commodity and component sourcing, volume-pricing negotiations, and delivery-inventory scheduling. In addition, Jack lends support and expertise in other areas, including product management, liaison to MRP developers, engineering, and information technologies such as the interactive website.

Jack began his AbsolutAire career in 1992 during the company's inception. He joined the firm in production, first in the shipping department, then as an assembler, and later as a quality supervisor before assuming his current position. Jack helped to design and launch the shop contract-labor practice that ensures controlled piece-rate costs. He also established and managed AbsolutAire’s intensive Quality Assurance Program, while he served as Shop Foreman for more than four years

Jack recently attended Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo where he studied Computer Science, Theory, and Analysis. Prior to joining AbsolutAire, Jack attended Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan, where he undertook a pre-med curriculum.

John Deisler

Quality Control Manager

John Deisler is the Quality Manager at AbsolutAire.  He is responsible for leading the company down a path of improved, consistent, and sustainable quality, which requires constant data collection and routine job shadowing.  John is primarily responsible for the Quality Control and Test Stand Groups in the manufacturing area. 

John joined AbsolutAire in November of 2014.  Before joining the company, John was employed for 24 years by Dimplex Thermal Solutions, a local chiller manufacturer.  While there, he dedicated most of his focus to the Materials Group, but he also interacted on a daily basis with the Quality Group.

John earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Western Michigan University in 1983.  He majored in Marketing and minored in Management.  

Michael J. Woodward

Michael J. Woodward

Manager, Facilities & Safety

Mike Woodward is Maintenance Coordinator for AbsolutAire. Mike is responsible for overseeing all maintenance-related tasks in the office and production facilities. This includes managing AbsolutAire’s preventative maintenance program, which includes all facilities and each piece of production equipment on a weekly, monthly, tri-annual, semi-annual, or annual basis. Mike has also recently taken on the responsibility of our Safety Program in addition to the Maintenance Program.

Mike began his AbsolutAire career in 1996, and has worked in various positions throughout the company since then. He started in the electrical and testing departments, and eventually worked his way up to Electrical and Testing Supervisor. He also worked as a Service Technician and Production Coordinator. He assumed his current position in 2010, and implemented our Preventative Maintenance program in 2011.

In 1978, Mike earned an Associate in Applied Sciences from Montcalm Community College. He also has experience in construction and drafting.