Custom Air Handling Systems

S-Series - Custom Air Handling Systems

The AbsolutAire S-Series air-handling system offers customized solutions for industrial heating, ventilating, and make-up air for total environmental control. As custom-designed “air houses,” these systems are built with specific operating sections designed to meet the specific needs of the facility.

S-SeriesWith a modular design approach, the S-Series can deliver a range of options for heat generation, cooling, dehumidification, humidification, ventilation and make-up air, multiple-stage filtration, and supply and discharge air options. User-friendly controls, enhanced serviceability, quality construction, and exceptional performance are standard.

The S-Series if the first choice within the heavy industrial sector where operational performance is key. The following represent a selection of our satisfied clients: Ford Motor Company, John Deere, General Motors, Toyota Motor Corporation, Boeing, Inc., and Harley Davidson.

  • Heat Generation Options: Hot Water, Steam, and Electric Coils
  • Pre-Filter Options: Oil Mist Removal, Pleated and Disposable, Polyester Pad, Cartridge, Bag, Washable
  • Cooling or Dehumidification: Chilled Water (CW) and Direct Expansion (DX)
  • Humidification: Direct Evaporative Media, Steam, and Water Atomization
  • Final Filter: Cartridge, Bag, HEPA, and Charcoal
  • Fan: SWSI Externally Mounted, DWDI Internally Mounted, SWSI Plenum Style, and Vane Axial
  • Fan Bearings Rated for a Minimum L-10 Life of 100,000 Hours
  • Multiple Discharge Configurations Available
  • Full Size Access Doors
  • Heavy Gauge Interior and Exterior Panels
  • 90-Day, Two-Year Parts Limited Warranty

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