Save More on Heating with a Heat Recovery System


If you have ever touched electronics that have been in use for a long time, then you understand what excess heat and heat waste feels like. AbsolutAire can help you turn that waste into a useable resource through an effective heat recovery system. We at AbsolutAire are always looking for the next improvement to HVAC systems, and one that you can take advantage of today comes in the form of heat recovery systems for your business.

Specialized systems

With the AA-Series or R-Series from AbsolutAire, you can have your HVAC system outfitted with a specialized heat recovery system that helps you improve energy efficiency by utilizing any heat produced naturally through hot streams. By capturing this heat, you ensure that none of it goes to waste, and instead filters back through your system, improving the performance of your direct-fired heating and ventilating system, and any make-up air that you’re cycling through your building’s environment.

Lower costs

When AbsolutAire says that you can save more with a heat recovery system, we mean it! By taking advantage of the capabilities of an AbsolutAire heat recovery system, you can recover wasted heat from your building’s processes and productions, and use it to heat outside air for your interior air supply, lowering the cost of your heating bill by utilizing a naturally-occurring source, rather than having to completely produce it yourself. By using naturally-occurring heat, you also reduce both fuel and electrical usage that would otherwise have to be used to heat your building.

AbsolutAire is an industry leader, and taking advantage of our custom designs brings a professional touch to your building’s heating and ventilation needs. To learn more about the solutions we can provide for your unique space that will save you more in the long run, contact us today!