Directional Heating and Drying from an Effective Door Heater


The AbsolutAire DH (door heater) Series is a great way to provide directional heating and drying for your space. Perfect for situations that require an effective way to keep an area heated or maintain integrity of the space by keeping moisture or cold air out, the DH Series offers customers the best automatic door heater in the business.

Specialized Spaces

The DH Series is especially helpful in spaces that need to maintain constant levels of water vapor in the air, preventing an inrush of dry air from creeping in any time outside doors are open. The DH Series is also useful in spaces that have roll-top or overhead doors, as the design of the product allows you to install them near these doors and direct air outward, keeping your space heated while maintaining your desired indoor air conditions.

Specific Use

The ability of the DH Series to effectively handle heated air at high speeds also makes it a popular choice for carwashes to help dry vehicles as they exit. If you’ve been through a car wash, you know that the last step involves powerful fans blowing hot air onto your vehicle in an attempt to remove moisture and avoid water spots. The AbsolutAire DH Series is the perfect product for this final step in the carwash process.

Install Almost Anywhere

Because of the DH Series’ design, it is easy to install at any angle within your building. This gives you full control and flexibility, allowing you to easily manage and direct the air within your space, targeting spots that need heated air blown directly onto them.

Always looking for the best way to handle air management in any space, AbsolutAire’s dedication to our customers’ needs is something you can count on when looking to change up how your building’s air is handled. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services!