Get HVAC Equipment that Does it All With a Direct-Fired Make-Up Air Unit


When your HVAC units aren’t giving you the efficiency and dependability that you need, you can count on the direct-fired make-up air units from AbsolutAire to give you the best air management in the business. We are dedicated to providing only the best solutions to companies for their total air management, and the effective units that we provide, partnered with excellent customer service, make us the ones you can count on.

Capabilities Make the Unit

When choosing an air handling unit, it pays to have one that efficiently provides all the operations you need for your unique environment. The AbsolutAire AA-Series is the direct-fired make-up air unit that provides quality heating, ventilation, and more. The versatility of the AA-Series can make it the perfect unit for a variety of situations, from kitchen make-up air, to ventilation for manufacturing operations, to precise temperature and humidity control. With quick installation available and the ability to be mounted indoors or outdoors, and vertically or horizontally, the AA-Series is the best air control equipment for almost any space.

Options Available to You

When you choose a direct-fired make-up air unit from AbsolutAire, the options that drive unit functionality are nearly endless. The AA-Series has alternative heating options available including electric, steam, or hot water, and can be fueled with either natural gas or propane. It can also be equipped with cooling options, including DX, chilled water, and evaporative media. At AbsolutAire, it’s always a goal to make sure our customers get the quality air control units that best suit their needs, and the versatility of the AA-Series makes it one of the most suitable and popular for a variety of spaces.

Setting the standards of total air management, AbsolutAire’s AA-Series will provide the best direct-fired make-up air unit for your space. Contact us to learn more or get started on an order!