Direct-Fired Heat Benefits Businesses with Safe, Warm Airflow


As temperatures are dropping once again while we make our way toward another fall and winter season, your business can depend on direct-fired heating units from AbsolutAire to heat your space. Large spaces require ample heating, ventilating, and proper airflow to ensure that everyone working stays comfortable while on the job, and direct-fired heating equipment from AbsolutAire provides the most effective and efficient heating solution.

Clean, Warm Air

When using a direct-fired heat source within your space, you can utilize ducts to carry the heated air throughout your facility, without needing to worry about any dangerous fumes also entering the space. Direct-fired heating emissions consist mostly of water vapor and carbon dioxide, and today’s technology ensures complete combustion, limiting the production of carbon monoxide. As a result, all of the products of combustion from the burner are able to enter the airstream, making direct-fired heaters nearly 100 percent efficient, saving you in energy costs over the lifetime of the equipment. Distribution of heat must always be done in a clean way for spaces that contain workers, and direct-fired heating units from AbsolutAire allow you to do this with ease.

Low Maintenance Heating

Direct-fired heating units from AbsolutAire provide an excellent, efficient source of heating for your space, and require very little maintenance to operate. Questions will undoubtedly arise, though, and our trained Customer Service staff is always available to walk you through the necessary installation and operating instructions, ensuring that your new equipment is properly set up and functioning as desired. We at AbsolutAire believe in pairing quality Customer Service with the best available technology in the heating and ventilating industry, and our easy-to-operate units are one way in which we can achieve that goal