Keep Workers Comfortable with Commercial Makeup Air


Whether it’s to remove contaminants that pollute your building’s air, replace exhausted air in a kitchen or other environment, or replace air to improve overall indoor air quality, AbsolutAire provides commercial makeup air to help you keep personnel comfortable and your building processes running smoothly. Proper ventilation is important to not only the comfort of employees but also the indoor air quality of your building, which often must meet legal standards to ensure everyone breathes safely.

Perfect applications

The commercial makeup air solutions offered by AbsolutAire provide some of the best applications for light industrial buildings, kitchens, or various manufacturing processes. Our units can be both economical and standardized for situations requiring a simpler approach, but we also have a wide product offering with flexibility to meet even the most custom requirements. Each makeup air unit we provide is designed specifically for your building, thanks to years of experience in designing, engineering, and testing, our units. Our team can work with you and your space to help you decide which commercial makeup air unit(s) is best for you.

Fit to your space

Depending on how large your facility is, the overall layout, the tightness of the building, and other factors, AbsolutAire will tailor our approach to plan the perfect solution for your commercial makeup air needs. Our product range and flexibility allow us to install units inside or out, horizontally or vertically, with or without heating or cooling, with or without pressurization, the possibilities are endless! We also can provide multiple units for larger spaces to ensure the entire facility is properly receiving the makeup air it needs. For example, a distribution center for Target received 15 of our high-temperature, low-volume units, guaranteeing the space was kept at proper heating levels. Whatever you need, AbsolutAire is here to help.

With the proper tools, technologies, and staff, AbsolutAire provides businesses with the best commercial makeup air for their buildings. Providing you the best value for your air quality problems, AbsolutAire can give you control over your building’s environment through our products’ “total air management.” Contact us today if your building is in need of quality commercial makeup air units.