Protect Stocked Product with Climate-Control HVAC Systems


With temperatures lowering and winter on its way, a functional and efficient HVAC system can make or break your warehouse operations. If your warehouse stocks products that are temperature-sensitive, you need it to maintain certain levels of heat throughout colder months. AbsolutAire is the professional manufacturer of the heating equipment that you need to ensure your building stays warm.

High-stacked product

Everyone knows that heat rises, and because of this, AbsolutAire knows the importance of providing warehouses with HVAC systems that provide uniform heating, without any air stratification. Stratification is when your building contains “layers” of different temperatures within the space, resulting in higher temperatures near the ceiling and colder ones toward ground level and near building exits. Because many warehouses stack products vertically, it is important that your warehouse does not have any stratification issues, to ensure that your products are all kept at the same, appropriate temperature.

Maintaining levels

AbsolutAire’s systems make sure that your warehouse stays at the correct temperature no matter what kind of operation you’re running. Our heating equipment can ensure that during cold months, your building maintaines the necessary temperature around the clock, whether your warehouse is occupied or unoccupied. So, even if your product is sitting without people moving through the area, the cycling of air, with or without building pressurization, brought by AbsolutAire ensures everything stays properly heated through the fall and winter.

Save space

Whether for safety reasons or to save space for more storage, warehouses often need equipment that is installed outdoors, or off the warehouse floor if installed indoors. AbsolutAire offers both indoor and outdoor installation options, in either vertical or horizontal configurations, with several different mounting options available, in order to meet your needs. 

With a dedication to providing the best heating and ventilating solutions to anyone in need, AbsolutAire can bring quality heating to your warehouse this fall and winter. Contact us today to see what options will work best for your space!