Direct and Indirect-Fired Solutions

Heavy Industrial

  • “Total Air Management” for Optimum Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
  • Complete Application Versatility and Design Flexibility
  • “Green Building” Design
  • Innovation for Operating Efficiency

“Total Air Management” is at the center of the design strategy to optimize indoor air quality, minimize greenhouse gas emissions, and maximize operational performance for our heavy industrial clients. Introducing a slight positive pressure to the space helps to ensure occupant comfort and improved productivity by reducing heat stratification and cold air infiltration, while also displacing airborne odors, dust, dirt, and other contaminants.

The AbsolutAire R-Series has several configuration options available and either a fully welded heavy gauge aluminized steel (R300-Series), or a rigid structural steel frame construction (R400-Series). The R-Series also uses a unique non-overloading backward-inclined air foil fan that requires 40% less break horsepower to deliver the same volume of airflow compared to other solutions. A virtual 100% efficient direct-fired gas burner coupled with an array of heating, cooling, filtration, and control options make these units your go-to for all your heavy industrial needs.

The S-Series offers an advanced, totally customizable option for heavy industrial applications. The modular design offers optimum application flexibility as well as complete environmental control with a wide range of operational options matched to user needs. These systems are constructed of structural steel framing, aluminized steel inner and outer skins, high density panel insulation, thermal breaks, low-leak dampers, vibration isolation fan bases, and multiple sizes and intake/discharge options for indoor and outdoor installations.

Heavy Industrial Make-Up Air

Charter Steel - Cleveland, OH

Return Air Heating and Ventilating

Johnson Controls - Holland, MI

Return Air Humidification Systems

Steelcase - Grand Rapids, MI

Industrial Make-Up Air Systems

Waupaca Foundry - Marinette, WI

Air Handlers for Paint Finishing

Caterpillar - Torreon, Mexico

Variable Volume Air Handling Systems

John Deere - Davenport, IA

Steam Powered Air Handling System

Garlock Sealing Technologies - Rochester, NY

Paint Finishing Air Handling Systems

General Motors - Lansing, MI

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