Direct and Indirect-Fired Solutions

Johnson Controls - Holland, MI

Return Air Heating and Ventilating

R-Series 85/15 Return Air System
Heating and Variable Make-Up Air

Key Facts:
Product: AbsolutAire R-Series Upright 85/15 Modulating H&V System
Model: R389-UMX
Airflow: 100,000 CFM
Capacity: 9,350 MBH
Fuel: Natural Gas

85% OA./ 15% RA
Insulated Cabinet
Filter Section
Service platform & Ladder
3-Way Double-Deflection Discharge Head

Installed: 2002

Project Overview:

Johnson Controls, a diversified global market leader in automotive systems and facility management and control, selected an AbsolutAire R-Series direct-fired system for its make-up air and heating & ventilating requirements at an automotive interiors plant in Holland, MI.

The AbsolutAire R389-UMX system provides heat as well as variable make-up air for the facility’s different processes. The unit provides large volumes of airflow with lower horsepower requirements than other available systems.

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