Direct and Indirect-Fired Solutions

John Deere - Davenport, IA

Variable Volume Air Handling Systems

S-Series Custom Air-Handling Systems
Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)

Key Facts:
Product: AbsolutAire S-Series Dual-Airflow Air Handlers
Model: Two S140-HOX
Airflow: 40,000 CFM & 20,000 CFM
Capacity: 1,500 MBH (Each Unit)
Fuel: Natural Gas

Two-Stage Filtration
VFD Motor-Blower Control
Summer/Winter Ventilation Rates
Walk-In Service Vestibule

Installed: 2004

Project Overview:

John Deere, a worldwide leading manufacturer of agricultural equipment, needed to update its inefficient, hard to maintain heating and ventilating system at the company’s Seeding Equipment plant in Davenport, Iowa. Deere facility managers specified that the new equipment should provide improved efficiency, operational flexibility, and easy serviceability.

Two custom-designed AbsolutAire S-Series air handlers were chosen to get the job done. These systems featured dual airflow capabilities, which allowed doubling the volume of ventilation during summer months for improved employee comfort and productivity. Variable frequency drives were used to accomplish this versatility. The well-lighted, walk-in service vestibule on the units eases maintenance activities such as drive adjustments or filter changes.

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