Take Care of Your Air with the H-Series Direct Fired Heater


As a high temperature, low volume direct fired heater, the H-Series from AbsoluteAire gives you flexibility in where you can manage your air, and how well you manage it. Used best in large spaces such as warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing plants, aircraft hangars, and more, the H-Series from AbsolutAire will make your space the most comfortable it can be.

Dependable heating and cooling

With a draw-through design, the AbsoluteAire H-Series direct fired heater provides uniform airflow across the direct-fired burner, which regulates your air to keep everything as comfortable as possible. This process gives the user automatic, accurate adjustments of the burner profile opening to compensate for changes in static pressure and air volume, so no matter what the temperature is outside, how outside pressure feels, or what season it is, the inside of your structure stays regulated and maintained at a set standard. This applies to the entire interior of your building, meaning you will have no cold spots or a need for extra fans.

Made to suit your building

Each H-Series unit that AbsolutAire prepares for clients is designed to suit your building’s needs. With differing capacities, alternative heating options such as electric, steam, and hot water, as well as indoor or outdoor mounting capabilities, the H-Series is capable of being used in whatever way you need it. Discharge is available in three different directions so you can make the most of your unit. With 8 standard colors and special color available, you can even match your unit to your businesses color palette.

With a desire to consistently meet and exceed client’s expectations, AbsolutAire is the best in the business of total air management systems. With our equipment and skilled staff, there’s no better way for you to take action and gain control of your building’s air today.