Bring Quality Heated Ventilation to Your Industry


From industrial steel to construction vehicle suppliers, AbsolutAire has been providing heavy industrial buildings with the heated ventilation they need to work comfortably. The air handling units that AbsolutAire provides give your workers the regulated environment that can best encourage workflow for your business. No matter the scale of your facilities, AbsolutAire can find the right solution for you.

Air management at its best

The quality air management that we offer with our heated ventilation will make your building’s air more circulated than ever before. We believe in “total air management,” and make it the center of every project we take on. What that means for you is a design that optimizes indoor air quality, minimizes greenhouse gas emissions, and maximizes operational performance for every heavy industrial client.

R-Series solutions

The AbsolutAire R-Series gives you the option of either a fully welded heavy gauge aluminized steel unit, or a rigid structural steel frame construction. Either of these units proved you with a virtual 100% efficient direct-fired gas burner with an array of heating, cooling, filtration, and control options, so you are in full control of your environment to best serve your heavy industrial needs.

S-Series customization

AbsolutAire’s S-Series is a totally customizable option for your industry that allows for the best application flexibility as well as complete environmental control. With the range of operation options and capability to be installed either indoor or outdoor, the S-Series can fit almost anywhere. No matter how big or small your industry is, with multiple sizes of intake and discharge options, the S-Series can work for you.

With a focus on our clients to give them the best value air solutions possible, AbsolutAire sets the standard for leadership in direct-fired “total air management.” With tools, technologies, and an experienced staff, AbsolutAire provides your business with air management solutions like no other.