Paint Spray and Bake Demands the Right Air Handling System


If your business has dedicated paint or spray booth applications, then you need the right air handling system to give your workers adequate, breathable air to work in. With AbsolutAire, our direct-fired heating systems can give your workspace the ventilation and temperature control you need to keep a comfortable work environment. With a wide variety of options, you can be sure that we have an air handling system solution for you.

How it works

AbsolutAire’s paint spray and bake booth air handling systems are some of the best available for you. With the spray mode they provide fresh make-up air for high volume, low temperature ventilation to make sure that your operators have enough breathable air as well as guaranteeing your finish comes out at a great quality. When you use the bake mode, our air handing system will deliver heated curing air for high temperature ventilation that speeds finish drying, increasing the overall productivity of a booth. With the efficiency and safety offered by AbsolutAire’s units, there’s no better way to maintain a steady workflow.

A proven record

We have provided paint spray and bake solutions to a variety of businesses with great success. From a General Motors facility to a Caterpillar building, we have created custom air handling system solutions that helped produce high quality results and lowered air handling costs. Our units consider seasonal weather changes for every area that they are installed and adjust accordingly to your building’s specific needs.

Why AbsolutAire

Besides AbsolutAire’s air handling system solutions offering some of the best results on the market, our products come at a low installation cost and have support provided to you for anything you might need. From maintenance to a general inspection, our team of professionals make sure your heating and cooling systems are kept in peak condition.

By always looking for new and better ways to serve our clients, AbsolutAire gives you the best service around for your HVAC systems. With a mission to set the standard in direct-fired total air management, you know that we will do everything we can for you.