Keep Your Warehouse Comfortable with the Proper Heat Recovery Unit


Warehouses come in all kinds of sizes and are used for different purposes, so you need to make sure that you acquire the right heat recovery unit for your building. Whether your production or labor is automated or manual, your building most likely requires a very specific temperature and humidity level for proper operation. AbsolutAire’s team of professionals can help you find the specific solution for your warehouse space that can cut costs while efficiently heating your space.

New buildings benefit best

Since new buildings are made to be more airtight to try to increase building efficiency, the proper heat recovery unit from AbsolutAire can keep your building heated while not losing out on humidity levels. From improved insulation and weather stripping, new warehouse buildings are more airtight, but lose out on quality ventilation. By having the right heat recovery unit, you can put less stress on your building’s heating, ventilation, and HVAC systems, all while keeping your building comfortable for you and your workers.

Combine solutions

If you’re concerned about your air quality, chances are your warehouse already has a commercial HVAC system installed in it, and AbsolutAire can use that to your advantage. Heat recovery systems can be installed and operated independently, but they can also be built-in or added to your existing HVAC system. By saving space and installing the machinery to manage your air, you’ll continue to save costs and guarantee your workspace is well-managed.

Get the best system

With the capability to use either a cross flow or counter-flow heat exchange between inbound and outbound air flow, the proper heat recovery unit makes sure that your air is the best quality possible. With the options available and professionals ready to assist at AbsolutAire, you know that you’ll get the correct solution or your warehouse.

AbsolutAire’s focus on value and customer service guarantees that you will have a great experience every time you work with us. When you need air quality solutions, no matter the scenario, AbsolutAire is here to help.