Handle Temperatures with a Quality Construction Heater


If you work in construction, then you know a warm construction heater can make all the difference for your projects once winter is here. Just because snow starts falling doesn’t mean that construction stops, and when you’re finishing a building’s interior, you need a heater to keep you from freezing while on the job. AbsolutAire’s products are some of the best in the business and will make sure you don’t get too cold the whole season long.

Move with the project

The AbsolutAire CH series of construction heaters may easily be handled by one person, so you can move it from room to room as your construction moves along. With field-switch power and field-switch gas, your site manager can choose what type of heat works best for their construction space, as well as control the heater with ease. The airflow switch is also adjustable, so every aspect of your heat can be altered to what your worksite needs.

Units that last

AbsolutAire’s products are not only efficient, but they’ll last your for years to come for you and your team. The CH series construction heater’s durable, stainless steel body gives it the strong frame you need when working in an area that could maybe damage your heater. Even if something does happen and you need a replacement, we offer a 90-day warranty on every unit, and a two-parts limited warranty, so you never have to worry.

Made for winter

Our CH series construction heater works best for winter because of the parts it’s made with. With weatherproof control and piping enclosures, no light snow, ice, or rain will stop your heater from working. Designed to make every construction site comfortable and ready to work in, the CH series will keep you warm no matter the conditions outside.

With a focus on always exceeding customer expectations, AbsolutAire has the products, experience, and quality of service that you can expect out of an air handling company. To see how we can help your construction project with heating, contact us today!