Take Care of Kitchen Make Up Air with Fan Boxes


Here at AbsolutAire, we provide a variety of solutions to deal with kitchen make up air, and our best units to deal with this problem and save space are our fan boxes. When working in an environment that has many sources of heat expelling steam, hot air, and aromas, you want a way to expel, redistribute, and promote flow of air. The different models of fan boxes provided by AbsolutAire will make sure your kitchen is comfortable and cool.

Different models bring different results

Depending on what type of fan box you get to deal with kitchen make up air, you will receive different benefits. Our double width, double inlet models produce double the volume at the same static pressure as our other models, so you get more bang for your buck if you have the floor space to accommodate them. Our most commonly used single width single inlet fans provide a connection from the duct straight to the fan inlet, so if your kitchen suffers from high temperatures, this model is best for you. Lastly, our six different M-series models can either be mounted as rooftop units, or installed indoor, so you can benefit from either down discharge supply air or end discharge supply air.

Versatility is their specialty

Where fan boxes stand out compared to our other air options is their versatility. With the single or double fan configurations, ability to be installed indoors or outdoors, and capacity options, AbsolutAire’s fan boxes are the best option for your untempered make-up air solutions. This coupled with the same durability and ease of control as our other air units makes box fans a serious consideration for your kitchen.

With a focus on customer experience, we at AbsolutAire do everything we can to make sure that our products and services exceed expectations. To find out what air system solutions we can provide for you, contact us and get started today!