Get Technical With Custom Air Handling Systems


When you need a solution for custom air handling in a heavy industrial scenario, our S-Series modular components are the answer you’re looking for. With a wide range of options, we can design, deliver and install a customized in-house system that satisfies all of your operational requirements. When you need industrial heating / cooling, humidification / dehumidification, ventilation, and the make-up air to support both, you want to have all available options open for you.

Heat Generation Options: Direct and indirect-gas-fired burners, as well as steam, hot water, and electric coils.
Humidification Options: Direct evaporative media, steam and water atomization.
Fitration Options: multiple stage high-efficiency filtering media.
Ventilation & Make-Up Air Options: provided by several different fan styles, including SWSI Externally Mounted, DWDI Internally Mounted, SWSI Plenum Style, and Vane Axial.

When your system is built, you’ll have the latest in user-friendly PLC system controls that can be set to detailed parameters. Your system operators will be able to carefully monitor and adjust the systems performance. The equipment is accessible, and designed to make components accessible to maintenance crews.

We also make sure our systems are built with construction that hold up to an industrial workload. We use structural steel framing, aluminized inter and outer skins, and high-density panel insulation. We make our fan bases with vibration insulation in a variety of sizes, with options for both indoor and outdoor installations. We factory test to make sure your equipment meets performance specifications as well.

With a system this complex, you want to have confidence in the final product. You can see from our specs that we’ve got the expertise to build a solid heavy industrial system that will perform. Our many satisfied clients, including Boeing, Inc., Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Harley Davidson, John Deere and the Toyota Motor Corporation, can attest to the quality of our products. We also stand by our work by including a 90-day, two-year parts limited warranty. If you’re ready for a custom air handling system designed for you, contact one of our representatives today!