Take Control of Your Total Air Management With The R-Series


AbsolutAire wants you to experience the benefits of our R-Series direct fired heating and ventilating systems. We deliver indoor air quality in systems using make-up-air, heating, and ventilation applications. We actively look for opportunities to improve the design of our system so that it can work smarter with less energy waste. Here are our top 3 reasons that our R-Series is a great choice:

1. Energy Efficiency Saves Money. When we worked up the design for the R-Series, energy efficiency was a high priority. We introduce a slight positive pressure, this technique reduces heat stratification and limits not only cold air, but also dust and dirt particulates. We also use a backward inclined air foil fan, which reduces brake horsepower by 40% while delivering the same amount of airflow.

2. Versatile Construction Options. Our clients tell us that one of the features of the R-Series that is most appreciated is the versatility available during construction. Choose between indoor, outdoor, horizontal or vertical installation. Heating options include electric, steam or hot water. There are five discharge applications available. We even match your paint color with our two-coat paint finish at no extra charge.

3. Impressive Contruction, Reliable Design. At AbsolutAire we design products that not only make good solutions today, they are ready for the challenges of tomorrow. We designed the R-Series to be flexible, with a wide range of interchangeable options both in the application and installation. Our clients rely on the R-Series for tough environments, include heavy industrial environments with corrosive or harsh conditions.

AbsolutAire is proud to offer the R-Series and know they’re appropriate for a wide range of applications, including industrial, but also government and public buildings. If you’re ready to start configuring your R-Series, contact us today.