Reduce Air Stratification with an E-series Direct-Fired Air Turnover Unit


When you’re trying to heat a large warehouse space, and are considering changes to your total air management system, don’t forget that an air turnover unit can use the hot air sitting on top of your air stratification. Recirculating air, and shuffling those stratification layers, has multiple benefits – and best of all you can decrease costs while you increase comfort.

We all know that heat rises. When it does, especially in a large building, air pockets form with different core temperatures. AbsoluteAire’s E-series air turnover unit takes the air you’ve already heated from that top layer and redistributes it to the bottom of your space. Using the air you’ve already heated again helps prevent over delivery of heat from your traditional heating system. Our air turnover units use as little as 2% outside air for safe & efficient combustion, so you also have a reduction of CO2 buildup as well.


Maximize money spent on your air handling system. Air turnover units work in warehouses, light industrial applications, and large public buildings. It’s cheaper to reuse the indoor air you’ve already paid to heat than it is to heat outside air. These units have the highest heating efficiency, and the lowest environmental impact. You are sure to enjoy the low initial cost, simple installation, and low maintenance as well.


We recommend you invite one of our direct-fired air experts in to do an evaluation of your total air management system to see how we can best improve the comfort and efficiency of your warehouse. Units like those in our E-series are designed and built to go beyond savings, providing you with smart solutions that reduce your environmental impact as well. We believe you’ll appreciate working with a company that prides itself on our customer relationships. Our clients find that common sense solutions, paired with exceptional customer service, deliver the best total air management system they need.