A Closer Look at the Benefits of the AbsolutAire E-Series


At AbsolutAire, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the most cost-efficient and technologically advanced direct-fired air turnover systems. The creation of our E-Series system highlights AbsolutAire’s dedication to leading the industry in the development of sustainable HVAC technologies. Today, we’re going to take a look at what makes the E-Series unique and how it is designed to serve your company in the long run.

Unmatched, uniform heating

The E-Series has no equal when it comes to air turnover. With continuous turnover, the system features precise temperature and CO2 sensing at the filtered return air inlet. This ensures that your spaces are consistently comfortable and maintain a high level of indoor air quality.

Safety first

With supply-air fan guards securely affixed to both the intake and the discharge, the E-Series is designed with safe use in mind. As workplace injuries are unpredictable, AbsolutAire has taken every available precaution to ensure that your employees are protected when operating near the system.

Rust-free and customizable

All E-Series direct-fired air turnover systems are manufactured using extruded aluminum tubing and heavy gauge aluminized steel sheets. In terms of resisting rust and corrosion, no other materials can compete. Furthermore, AbsolutAire can customize the color of your E-Series system with a heavy-duty enamel finish at a nominal cost.

Green technology

One of the most important goals of the E-Series is to provide an environmentally friendly, “green” air turnover solution. As such, the system uses the most energy-efficient fan and burner technology available. This means that the E-Series is capable of delivering true, measurable energy savings in addition to having a substantially reduced carbon footprint.

At AbsolutAire, our mission is to set the standard for leadership in direct-fired “total air management” systems. By creating versatile, powerful and energy-efficient systems like the E-Series, we deliver on our promise to provide every customer with the best possible value. If you’re considering updating your existing air turnover system, give us a call and let’s discuss how the E-Series can help.