Despite Looking Simple, Warehouses Use Complex HVAC Systems


A warehouse may seem like it would use a very simplistic heating and cooling system that is ‘one size fits all’. It’s really just a standard building – four walls, a loading dock or two, and some interior walls, right? Well, what is kept in the warehouse and what use these buildings get means you need options when it comes to your HVAC system. In this post we will look at HVAC solutions for varying types of warehouses.

The desired interior temperature can vary from place to place especially when a warehouse holds products that require cool storage or has products that are susceptible to damage through humidity. If the warehouse has running vehicles inside of it at time, clearly ventilation with outside air is extremely important. If the warehouse is a distribution center which no doubt has a lot of doors and delivery trucks coming through, replacing the air is essential. You would never use a return air system that cools or warms inside air that then puts it back inside because of the carbon monoxide form the exhaust.

The best option for that type of situation would be a direct-fired HVAC system that can use outside air or return air depending on how it’s set. When there is heavy vehicle traffic in the warehouse, the system can be set to outside air mode and when there is moderate or low vehicle traffic, the system can be set to use both outside and return air.

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