Allow UsTo School You On The AbsoluteAire Difference


At AbsoluteAire we never stray far from our commitment to customer service. Focusing on our customers has us thinking about what we can do to make their experience with our products as satisfying as possible. We have developed a free training program, and make as many resources as possible available on our website. We are driven by our belief that when we exceed customer expectations we build loyal, satisfied customers.

Service School – Product Training
Adding value to our great products has led us to develop service schools in the spring, summer, and early fall. We keep the class size small (only 8 students per class) to make scheduling easier. Although travel and lodging are up to you, we provide breakfast and lunch and the class itself is offered free of charge to sales representatives, mechanical contractors, and owner maintenance personnel.

Online Resources
We have compiled multiple online resources and made them available under our customer service section of our website. You can download information on warranties, component data sheets, and a wide range of engineering resources. Among our titles are, “Rigging Tips and Guidelines” and “Auto Profiler – Burner Proflile System” and even the “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act 2009”. We keep this library up to date for you, let us know of items you’d like to see added.

We Expect Satisfied Customers
 The most important resource we have for you is our amazing staff at AbsoluteAire. We are trained with the purpose of finding the correct solution to our clients. We are continuously reviewing our products to make sure they are the best ones for managed air. Our goal with always be to get the best result for you.  Our mission continues to be to include value in our products and services, provide total support for our customers, remain responsible to the environment, and  be dedicated to the goals of our company and stakeholders.

Contact us today to experience our excellent customer service.