AbsoluteAire Cuts Energy Costs with Waste Heat Recovery Systems


We may not think about it, but we are all familiar with waste heat in our homes. Whether it’s our refrigerator warming up the kitchen or our entertainment center heating up the family room, waste heat is all around us. Imagine if we could capture that energy and put it to use for us?  At AbsoluteAire our customers do just that.

We can help you customize your AA-Series and R-series systems with our specialty waste heat recovery systems. Recovery heat systems allow you to improve energy efficiency by making use of heat produced naturally on site through hot streams. When captured, that heat adds value to direct-fired heating, ventilation, and make-up air systems.

At AbsoluteAire, we recognize that “between 20 to 50% of industrial energy input is lost as waste heat” ( Why not make use of that energy? AbsolutAire’s AA-Series and R-Series systems can be built with heat exchangers that recover waste heat from facility processes to pre-heat fresh outside air for the building supply air. This directly benefits our clients by lowering energy costs and by reducing the heating load of both fuel and electrical usage.

Our custom solutions are designed for your specific application and performance requirements. Depending on your on-site needs, we use plate-to-plate heat exchangers, heat pipes, or run-around recovery coils.  Options include bypass dampers for seasonal operation, electronic or DDC temperature controls, and supply and exhaust air fans in a single unit. We’re here to help you make your work place more efficient.