We Go To Extremes With Our Clients


This is especially true at wastewater and bio-solid treatment plants. Working in a wide range of industries, everything from the food service industry to government buildings, we consider all of the variables of your site and what unique severe-duty design applications are needed. Our engineers and contractors are especially vital in extreme environments where corrosive gas buildup is a possibility and your total air management system stands between you and disaster.

Feel confident in the equipment delivering your air. Our team has installed dozens of heating, cooling and make-up air systems, and will work through your complete design strategy to determine the best way to handle harsh operating conditions and corrosive environments. Severe-duty designs include equipment that can withstand whatever you throw at it; stainless steel or aluminum cabinet construction, corrosion resistant protective coatings such as epoxy and phenolic, stainless steel temperature sensors, and more.

Safety is always key. Our solutions are designed to improve safety and reliability while simultaneously planned to have reduced maintenance. From explosion proof motors, spark resistant fan assemblies, explosion proof controls, and low-leak motorized dampers, we’ll make sure your system is modeled for safety. We take dangerous gases into account when we spec your system, and pay attention to details such as calling for an electric coil for heating to remove open flame from your system.

Experienced engineering support can develop the exact solutions for the specific challenges of your wastewater and bio-solid treatment plant. We design systems for outside air adjusted for seasonal changes. If you need it heated, cooled, or humidified, we’ll make sure your system provides air quality for your employees. Set up for worker comfort and safety, our solutions make extreme environments workable and safe. Contact us today to learn more about our services.