Why the Food Service Industry Relies on Make-Up Air Systems for Efficiency


Make-up air units are immeasurably important to efficiency and comfort in an industrial kitchen. Your air unit should offer a range of options that include, cooling, variable air volume, filtration, and exhaust fan controls. These systems are critical in increasing the comfort of employees and reducing fuel expenses. In this post we will look at four benefits you will be sure to see if you invest in a high-quality, rugged make-up air system.

1. Protect your exhaust hoods

If your kitchen lacks make-up air, there will be an increase in static air pressure which puts a lot of stress on the exhaust fans. With the exhaust fans not properly working, you will experience negative air pressure that will degrade your kitchen equipment over time.

2. Decrease the dispersion of contaminated air

You may not always consider the fact that contaminated air can move from one area of the kitchen to the other if you do not have a properly working make-up air system. Things like dust and fumes can lead to the contamination of all areas of a kitchen.

3. Get rid of cold drafts that cool down food and bother employees

A high quality, properly maintained make-up air unit can reduce or even get rid of cold drafts that can cause discomfort to employees. Drafts can also lead to unwanted changes in food temperature.

4. Reduce fuel usage

A kitchen without a make-up air system often leads to uncomfortable working conditions. This can lead to a situation where heating units are installed unnecessarily.

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