What it Means to Go Green with HVAC Systems


Being environmentally friendly is an important issue that we see more and more of lately, and AbsolutAire follows a Green Initiative with all our HVAC technologies to support this. Committed to environmental care with our products and services, AbsolutAire provides some of the best heating, cooling, filtration, and more, all while keeping the environment in mind.

Supporting initiatives

AbsolutAire products support the USGBC (LEED) and the more recent (SERF) initiatives with our direct gas-fired product lines. USGBC supports the development of prosperous, healthy, and resilient communities that are environmentally friendly, and in need of a company who can provide “green building” design. The same goes for the SERF initiative, where we also provide advanced systems for make-up air, heating, cooling, and ventilating that provide the versatility and integrity that buildings supporting the initiative need. The construction and design for every building we support, whether part of an initiative or not, is the optimum choice for environmentally friendly systems.

How it works

The way our HVAC systems help “green buildings” is through reducing greenhouse gas emissions and conserving energy. This lessens the impact buildings using our systems have on the environment and is one more reason why AbsolutAire is the best choice for HVAC. One of the best parts of our HVAC systems with our Green Initiative is our systems are highly customizable without sacrificing their efficiency.

Proven buildings

We provided HVAC systems for Steelcase, Inc. in Grand Rapids, MI, as well as LAMAR Construction, Inc. in Hudsonville, MI to great success with our Green Initiative. Steelcase, Inc. became the first manufacturing facility to earn certification from USGBC and the LEED program. The LAMAR Construction, Inc. building is certified with SERF. With multiple units and different systems used in both buildings, AbsolutAire has proven ourselves to be “green”.

With a focus on customer satisfaction and systems that promote “green” practices, AbsolutAire is the premier provider of HVAC solutions.