Keep Water Treatment Running Smoothly with Heated Ventilation


We’re still in the colder months of the year here in the Midwest, and it’s during these times that the proper heated ventilation can keep water treatment plants running smoothly and safely. As you know, when it gets cold enough, water pipes in winter can cause problems. When you invest in the proper heated ventilation wit AbsolutAire, you guarantee that your facility maintains good operations despite the cold outside.

Options for plants

Depending on the type of water treatment plant you are, AbsolutAire has different options for you to keep your workspaces warm. We have designed solutions for waste water treatment plants, water treatment plants, life stations, and even bio-solids treatment facilities! Experience is what sets AbsolutAire apart, and it’s because of this alongside our quality products that makes sure we can find the unique solution to your building’s needs.

Safety tested

With water treatment comes environments that are sometimes volatile, and AbsolutAire has the answers to keep these types of workspaces safe. One solution we have previously applied to water treatment spaces that can’t have open flames was the application of an electric coil as the source of heat for our heated ventilation. We also provide explosion-proof options for controls, and spark-resistant fans to help replace building air with ventilation. These solutions and more are just some of the ways AbsolutAire can bring safe heating to you and your business.

Long lasting heating

We understand that water treatment plants can sometimes have an environment unfriendly to material components as well. For spaces such as this, AbsolutAire has designed heated ventilation units equipped with materials that can withstand corrosive agents in the environment, making sure no harmful contaminants from your plant cause your ventilation to give out earlier than it would have otherwise.

AbsolutAire does everything it can to ensure we are the standard for leadership in direct-fired “total air management.” Whether this means providing tried and true designs to your space or crafting a new, unique solution, AbsolutAire has the capabilities you need.