Versatile Direct-Fired Heating Keeps Spaces Warm Throughout Winter


With a direct-fired heating unit from AbsolutAire, work spaces can get the quality heating system that they need during winter months. We have started to reach the coldest months of winter, and, as temperatures continue to drop, quality heating can be what makes all the difference for the comfort of work spaces. With the H-Series from AbsolutAire, businesses can get the high temperature, low volume (HTLV) space heating that their areas require, helping them to stay warm all winter long.

Customizable to Your Needs

The H-Series not only provides great heating for your space, but it, like many of our other units, is completely customizable. The versatility offered by AbsolutAire’s products helps to ensure that your business doesn’t receive a generic heating unit, but rather one that is specifically designed with the needs of your space in mind. Our H-Series has a wide array of options available, such as insulation, cooling, special controls, advanced filtration, and more. And, with the ability to be installed indoors or outdoors, as well as upright or horizontal, your H-Series direct-fired heating unit can be utilized however you need.

Uniform Direct-Fired Heating

If your direct-fired heater is serving a space that requires a large volume of air to properly heat it, you do not have to worry about if the heat is evenly dispersed and uniform throughout when you choose the AbsolutAire H-Series. This unit is designed to provide uniform heating without cold spots and without the use of supplementary fans to move around the hot air that it provides. This is achieved through its ratio of air-delivery volume to velocity, burner-fan operation, and air-distribution design. 

We have the experience and knowledge in the heating industry to know what unit will work best for your space. Bring us on board your next project to see how the H-Series direct-fired heater can work in your space!