Sustainable HVAC Technologies and AbsolutAire’s Green Initiative


While your facility’s indoor air quality is a key component to running a clean operation, our planet’s environment is essential to our – and our children’s – futures. Without proper care, the legacy that we leave will not be one of unbelievable profits or unimaginable efficiency but one of recklessness and tragedy. At AbsolutAire, we’re proud to lead the industry in the development of sustainable, environmentally friendly HVAC technologies.

To safeguard our environment, our make-up air and HVAC systems aim to conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gases. Supporting both the USGBC and SERF initiatives, our gas-fired products are the most advanced solutions available for heating, cooling, ventilating and make-up air. With a range of customizations available, they are flexible, versatile and the best choice for anyone looking to construct or operate an eco-friendly building.

Recently, AbsolutAire supplied 32 direct gas-fired door heaters as well as 19 direct gas-fired heating and ventilating units for the Steelcase, Inc. building in Grand Rapids, Michigan. As the first facility to be certified by the USGBC program, the building stands as a shining example of what green construction stands for: sustainability, cost-efficiency and respect for our planet’s resources.

At AbsolutAire, we’re constantly striving to lead the industry in both the efficiency of our air management systems and our environmentally conscious design. Our Green Initiative stands as a testament to our commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality, inside and out. If you’ve been looking for make-up air solutions for your plant or facility, contact the knowledgeable team at AbsolutAire and let us show you the difference that our systems can make.