How AbsolutAire Can Improve Your Warehousing Operation


The contents of your warehouse – including its employees – are precious cargo. Imprecise temperatures and unchecked humidity can wreak havoc on your products, especially if they are predisposed to damage from such conditions. To defend against this damage, you need uniform heating without stratification, a precise temperature control system and numerous return and supply air configurations.

Thankfully, AbsolutAire has a solution: the E-Series direct-fired air turnover system. Utilizing the industry’s top technologies to cut your ventilation costs, the E-Series delivers all of the features that you need in a single economical unit. And these economical savings aren’t just monetary… With minimal floor space required, the E-Series lets you use your warehouse’s space for its intended purpose: the storage, transport and preparation of your products.

In addition to space and monetary savings, AbsolutAire’s E-series is 99.97% efficient, a major improvement over the 80% efficiency offered by indirect-fired air turnover systems. This efficiency promises even, distributed heating throughout your warehousing facility without stratification. By eliminating stratification, the system protects your stored products and prevents damage caused by heat and humidity.

At AbsolutAire, we employ the best people, use the best processes and maintain the best plant. Our commitment is – and always will be – to provide the absolute best in direct-fired, total air management systems. With our expansive range of offerings and dedication to providing our customers with value, we are one of the industry’s most trusted providers of make-up air and heating systems. If you’re looking to outfit your warehouse with a new direct-fired heating system, contact AbsolutAire to learn how the E-Series can keep your products safe.