Make-Up Air Units and Systems are Crucial in the Food Service Industry


Make-up air units and systems are of the utmost importance in regards to efficiency and overall comfort in an industrial kitchen. It’s important to ensure your make-up air unit is equipped with a range of options, including exhaust fan controls, cooling, filtration, and variable air volume. High quality Make-up air systems are critical when it comes to fuel efficiency and employee comfort. In this post, we will go over four advantages you will find if you invest in a highly rated, durable make-up air unit and system.

Elimination of cold drafts

The right make-up air unit and system has the ability to eliminate cold are drafts that can not only cause discomfort among employees, but also unwanted changes in food’s temperature.

Exhaust hood protection

Make-up air units and systems actually combat static air pressure. Static air pressure is known to put an undue amount of stress on industrial kitchen exhaust fans. When exhaust fans fail and are not working properly, negative air pressure is created that will degrade your kitchen equipment over time.

Reduce contaminated air dispersion

It’s not always on the forefront of one’s mind that contaminated air can move from one area of an industrial kitchen to another if you do not have a high functioning make-up air unit and system. Unwanted particles like fumes and dust can cause a lot of unwanted and unexpected contamination.

Decrease usage of fuel

There are many times when heating units are installed in a kitchen for no reason other than the fact that the make-up air unit is out of date and not working the way that it should. In most cases, heating equipment is unnecessary in a commercial kitchen.

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