Make-up Air Systems and the Food Service Industry


Make-up Air SystemA high quality, low maintenance and versatile make-up air unit system like the AbsolutAire V-Series, can make a world of difference when it comes to your kitchen’s efficiency. Offering a massive range of options, such as cooling, filtration, variable air volume and exhaust fan controls, make-up air systems can work towards increasing employee comfort, reducing fuel expenditures and preserving profits. Now, let’s take a look at five of the most immediate benefits you’ll gain by investing in a quality make-up air unit system.

1. Ensure the proper operation of your exhaust hoods

A lack of make-up air can cause an increase in static air pressure that stresses your kitchen’s exhaust fans. Typically resulting in negative air pressure that compromises the integrity of your kitchen’s equipment over time, this disastrous outcome can be avoided with the installation of an MUA system.

2. Reduce the dispersion of contaminated air

A make-up air system can eliminate cross-drafts that spread contaminated air from one area of your kitchen to another. Dust, settled material and fumes from cleaning agents or waste products can lead to the contamination – or recontamination – of previously unaffected areas.

3. Increase the dependability of your kitchen equipment

Negative air pressure can lead to back drafting, a process that can interfere with your ability to keep your burners’ pilot lights going. By properly ventilating your kitchen, you prevent the build-up of negative air pressure and avoid disruptive malfunctions.

4. Eliminate cold drafts on prepared food and workers

A good make-up air unit can reduce – or completely eliminate – cold drafts that cause discomfort in your workers. Furthermore, drafts can lead to the unintentional lowering – or raising – of temperatures in your prepared foods.

5. Conserve fuel

Lack of a replacement air system or improper installation of your system can lead to uncomfortable conditions in your work area. This often leads to a costly cycle wherein heating systems are installed, which require more exhaust fans, which pump heated air to unaffected areas, resulting in your kitchen and staff no more comfortable and better off.

At AbsolutAire, our advanced make-up air unit systems are unparalleled in what they offer. Economical, versatile and low maintenance, we strive to act as a valuable asset to anyone in the food service industry. If you’re looking to increase your kitchen’s efficiency, conserve fuel and save money, contact one of our knowledgeable representatives today.