Maintaining Optimum Indoor Air Quality in Heavy Industrial Applications with the AbsolutAire R-Series


The goal of most of our heavy industrial clients is to maximize indoor air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and optimize their operational performance. Whether you manage an automotive manufacturing plant, run an aircraft assembly line or are a defense contractor, maintaining your plant’s indoor air quality helps to ensure the comfort – and safety – of your employees and increases productivity by reducing cold air infiltration and heat stratification.

The AbsolutAire R-Series offers the industry’s best technology for accomplishing all of these things and more. Delivering “total air management,” the R-Series uses a backward-inclined air foil fan to introduce a slight positive pressure that quickly lowers heat stratification. The R-Series’ fan, in addition to serving as an effective way to pump make-up air, uses 40% less brake horsepower to deliver the same airflow as competing systems. This quality, combined with the systems’ versatility, durability and customizability make it the leading choice when it comes to make-up air systems in heavy industrial applications.

Another important aspect of the R-Series is that it was designed under a “green engineering” mandate. With innovative features and options – including a 99.8% efficient burner, indoor or outdoor mounting, multiple discharge configurations and a comprehensive 90-day warranty – the R-Series is designed to withstand the rigorous demands of harsh and corrosive environments, climate-controlled environments and other demanding applications. More importantly, it was engineered to perform these jobs in an environmentally and energy-efficient manner.

At AbsolutAire, we are focused on providing our clients with the most value for their money. When clients come to us for indirect or direct fired make-up air solutions, we leverage our experience, knowledge and technology to implement the best possible solution that will meet their immediate requirements as well as adapt to their future needs. If you’ve been looking for a proven partner that will go the extra mile to deliver “total air management,” contact us today to learn more about our innovative make-up air solutions.