The Importance of Ensuring Good Indoor Air Quality in Your Work Environment


Indoor air quality is an essential ingredient in the recipe for any successful business. With a laundry list of the negative effects caused by the evaporation of chemicals, equipment operation and other sources of emissions, it’s critical to take steps to ensure good indoor air quality to protect your business and, more importantly, your workers. Failing to achieve proper indoor air quality can result in your workers experiencing headaches, dizziness, fatigue and nausea, hampering their ability to complete their work and incurring costly medical and workers’ compensation bills.

In most cases, substandard indoor air quality is the result of poor ventilation and chemical or biological contaminants. Whether caused by paints, adhesives, cleaning products, pesticides or manufacturing equipment, these contaminants can wreak havoc on your operation if they aren’t properly addressed.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggest a number of ways that owners can improve their air quality. They recommend complying with smoking policies, disposing of garbage properly and avoiding the introduction of harmful products, among other things. But, what additional steps can you take to improve the indoor air quality of your kitchen, facility, warehouse or building? Thankfully, AbsolutAire has you covered!

With a complete line of heavy industrial, kitchen and warehousing solutions, we can set you up with solutions that improve your air quality and reduce your monthly energy costs. Whether you’re looking for a simple, economical solution for light industrial purposes or a more thorough solution that directly tackles the problems of environmental comfort and energy efficiency, our comprehensive line of direct-fired make-up air systems is certain to contain the solution that you need.

At AbsolutAire, we are experts in “total air management.” With a focus on utilizing the best people, processes and plants to exceed our customers’ expectations, we have established ourselves as the most trusted, reliable provider of make-up air systems in the industry. So, if you’re looking for ways to ensure the indoor air quality of your work environment, contact us today to discuss your needs.