Indirect-Fired Heat Provides Industrial Applications with Dependable Heating


When industrial customers need a dependable source of heat from a company with years of experience in the HVAC industry, they can count on indirect-fired heating units from AbsolutAire. Some industrial applications require indirect-fired heat vs. direct-fired heat due to the delicate nature of their environments, and the AbsolutAire I-Series indirect-fired heating units can be the perfect solution. We care about providing our customers with the quality heating solutions they need, and that is exactly what our industrial customers receive when they install our indirect-fired equipment.

Design Features That Work for You

AbsolutAire has made a name for itself in the HVAC industry as being a leading provider of direct-fired equipment. However, rest assured that if your application requires indirect-fired heat, we offer the same design features on our I-Series that customers have grown to love in our direct-fired equipment. Some of the features available include motorized dampers, advanced filtration, evaporative and mechanical cooling, a variety of insulation types, and much more! We offer this large selection of features to make sure that when our customers need something specific with their heating and ventilation, they can achieve it with our equipment. By reaching out on our contact page and contacting a sales representative, you can learn exactly what capabilities we have for your indirect-fired heating units.

A Key Difference of Indirect-fired Heating Units

Because indirect-fired heating units use no combustion by-products in the airstream during their heating process, this allows them to recirculate 100% of the air that passes through. This ability to recirculate air helps keep air warmer when the unit is active, which can be a great benefit to counteract heat losses. Additionally, since indirect-fired heat does not introduce combustion products into the workspace, they can be the perfect choice for an office or school that may have to abide by strict heating and ventilating codes. Let AbsolutAire guide you through the process of discovering which heating unit can work best for your space.

Always focused on providing our customers with the most cost-effective solutions for their space, AbsolutAire can provide quality indirect-fired heating units to those who are looking for the best unit to keep interiors warm. Our heating units are easy to manage and provide you with the total air management you need to always make your building comfortable. Contact AbsolutAire today to learn more about what we can do for you!

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