Heat Recovery Systems Add Extra Value to HVAC


When you want your HVAC system to give you the best value for your space, use an AbsolutAire heat recovery system to improve its capabilities and lower your heating costs.

Heat Recovery Systems Cut Costs

One of the ways that heat recovery units can improve your building’s HVAC system is by reducing your equipment’s operating costs. Already some of the most efficient systems on the market, the AbsolutAire AA and R-Series units can also have heat exchangers installed to recover any wasted heat that is being produced from processes within your facility. This energy can be used to pre-heat outside air, requiring less energy to heat the incoming building supply air, reducing heating load, as well as fuel and electrical costs. Since your space may already be producing heat that can be reused to keep spaces comfortable, equipping your AbsolutAire system with a heat recovery option can be a smart and economical move.

Options to Consider

Depending on what your application and performance requirements are, AbsolutAire has different options that you can consider for your heat recovery system. We can assist you by installing plate-to-plate heat exchangers, heat pipes, or run-around recovery coils to make moving heat through your system work how you need it to. And, if you want additional elements to your heat recovery system, we can provide bypass dampers to help you with less heat in warmer months, electronic or DDC temperature controls for an easy operating experience, or supply and exhaust air fans to help get your air moving in the right direction. Whatever HVAC solutions you are looking for, AbsolutAire has an option to help.

Always focused on giving our customers the best experience for their heating and cooling needs, AbsolutAire is your best choice for a heat recovery system. Give us a call today and work with us to get your building’s heating system running smoothly and efficiently.