Four Advantages of the AbsolutAire R-Series - Direct Fired Heating and Ventilating


The R-Series is made with the best available technology for environmental friendliness, energy efficiency, and indoor air quality. The R-Series system delivers “total air management” because it introduces a slightly positive pressure to reduce heat stratification and limits infiltration of cold air, dust, and dirt. AbsolutAire’s R-Series is your best choice for optimized indoor air quality as well as “green building” construction and design.

1. Energy-Saving Design Excellence

R-Series airflow burners are virtually 100% efficient. You can expect to see 20 to 25% in fuel savings with little to no loss of efficiency over time. The units are equipped with backward-inclines airfoil fans which use up to 40% less motor brake horsepower to deliver the same amount of airflow.

2. The Best Available Technology

We offer two styles of construction excellence --the R300 and R400 models. The R300 models set the standard for direct-gas-fired heating and ventilating systems. Some of the premium features of the R300 models are a rigid structural steel frame, heavy gauge exterior walls, spherical roller bearings, flame safeguard system, and low energy fan motors. The R400 models set a benchmark for design and construction in direct-gas-fired heating and ventilating systems. The R400 models boast tubular steel framing, standing-seam exterior walls, double-wall doors and floors, motorized dampers, and pitched roofs among many other benefits.

3. Multiple Sizes for Application Versatility

AbsolutAire’s R-Series offer airflow capacities from 4,000 to 130,000 CFM and heating capacities from 200 to 17,000 MBH. The availability of upright and horizontal systems provide low-cost, ductless installation flexibility. We can deliver superior design flexibility to match your exact facility requirements with our M, B, and F options.

4. An Absolute Commitment

We are firmly committed to providing customers with total value. Our rigorous in-plant quality control checks and expert installation guidelines are unmatched in the industry. Our commitment to excellence is shown in our exclusive AbsolutAire two-year parts and 90-day limited warranty.

Now that “green engineering” is a mandate, the R-Series is an excellent choice because of its energy efficiency. The R300 models offer a low first-cost, while R400 are the new standard for high quality construction. A vast array of options and application versatility make the R-Series the best choice for heavy industrial applications, harsh and corrosive environments, clean and climate-controlled environments, and government or public buildings.

At AbsolutAire, we employ the best staff and utilize the best processes to deliver the absolute best products and services to our clients. If you've been searching for a high-quality, dependable make-up air solution, contact us today to discuss the R-Series.