Direct-Fired Heating Systems Complete Paint or Spray Booth Operations


If you run paint or spray booth operations, then you can benefit from a quality direct-fired heating system to increase your operator’s safety, finish quality, and more. By providing a painting space with the ventilation and temperature control that it needs to maintain peak levels of operation, AbsolutAire’s direct-fired heating systems give both spray and bake applications all the tools that they need to work as best as possible for operators.

AbsolutAire has been the trusted provider of direct-fired heating systems for years, and the benefits our systems can provide to paint or spray booth operations are some of the reasons why.

Two Modes for a Perfect Operation

The spray and bake systems that AbsolutAire offers have two modes that ensure paint or spray booth operations always maintain the air quality they need. By delivering fresh make-up air in spray mode, they ensure temperature ventilation for better operator safety and finish quality. A safer workspace is always a welcome feature in any industrial application, and our direct-fired heating system’s spray mode will bring just that.

In bake mode, high temperature ventilation is provided to make for quick drying, leading to a faster, more efficient operation overall. Our direct-fired heating systems complete paint or spray booth operations not just by making them safer, but by making them more productive as well.

Your Own Direct-Fired Heating System

Another reason that our customers love working with us is because of our dedication to always finding the best air management solutions that are specifically tailored to their needs. When you choose AbsolutAire for a direct-fired heating system, your paint or spray booth operation can get a customized system that ensures your operation will be more efficient, keep workers safe, and help you to grow your business.

We have provided customized solutions to some of the biggest brand names in the business, such as General Motors and Caterpillar. Each needed their own unique method of improving their paint and spray booth operations, so our team worked with them to deliver the perfect direct-fired heating system.

Always aiming to be the leaders in total air management, AbsolutAire is your best resource for improving your paint or spray booth through effective heating and ventilation. Contact our team today to learn more about how a proper direct-fired heating system can improve your operation or to get started on a project today!