Add Cooling Options to Indirect-Fired Heating Systems


When you choose an indirect-fired heating system from AbsolutAire, you also have the option to add economical and effective cooling systems to it. With the recent heatwaves that have traveled across the Midwest, it is a good reminder that summer is just around the corner, and industrial settings should use a professional HVAC system to keep everyone comfortable on the job.

With an indirect-fired heating system from AbsolutAire, you can get both quality heating and cooling, as well as ventilation, wherever it is needed in your building, when it is needed. Choosing AbsolutAire for your air management gives you the tools necessary to work comfortably year-round.

Versatile Systems for Cooling

The cooling options that AbsolutAire provides are not only efficient, but they are also versatile. Our cooling options can work as a stand-alone system for your space, or they can be coupled with indirect-fired heating systems. This means our team can more easily work to bring your space a cooling option to keep away the summer heat.

Whether it is because your industry requires temperatures within certain thresholds or because you simply want a more comfortable work environment for yourself and your employees, cooling options from AbsolutAire are a great option.

Take Better Control of Air

Indirect-fired heating, ventilation, and cooling systems from AbsolutAire not only provide you with temperature control for your environment, but they can also give you better control over the quality of air in your building with the addition of humidity controls. Depending on the type of space you have, you may require specific humidity levels for certain areas of a building, and the total air management that AbsolutAire provides makes achieving these levels easy to do.

Through simple controls that make it easy to change your environment quickly whenever you need, AbsolutAire gives you the tools necessary to completely take control of the air in your space. This can assist with energy management of your building as well, saving you in the long run.

With great cooling options available for inclusion into our usual air management units like our indirect-fired heating systems, buildings can better prepare for a quickly approaching hot summer. If you want to learn more about what our air management systems are capable of or how they can help your space, contact our team today!