Demand for ‘Green’ Construction Increases Challenge for HVAC Companies


The increasing focus on conserving energy in all facilities and the rising demand to construct “green” buildings will put extra pressure on HVAC companies in the coming years. As demand for HVAC installations in new and retrofitted buildings is expected to continue to rise at least until 2019, manufacturers will be under pressure to produce HVAC equipment with ever improving energy savings.

It’s the kind of pressure AbsolutAire can handle, and even embrace. AbsolutAire is a leading developer of sustainable HVAC technologies. While it is a challenge to provide the air quality and temperature controls needed inside a work environment while still conserving energy and reducing greenhouse gases, our efforts in this area position AbsolutAire to continue to meet this challenge.

Last year’s AHR Expo Survey found the top market segments for HVAC companies are:

  • Hospitals/health care
  • Light commercial
  • Data/telecom centers
  • Heavy commercial
  • Office buildings

Since air quality and temperature control are clearly critical in hospitals and data system centers for the people inside and the equipment being used, they can place high demands on HVAC systems. Yet each of these market segments can’t easily withstand high energy costs.

AbsolutAire’s HVAC systems support the USGBC (LEED) and (SERF) initiatives to reduce energy use through its range of direct gas-fired products. AbsolutAire is recognized for offering “The Best Available Technology” with advanced HVAC systems for make-up air, heating, cooling, and ventilating. Our systems offer the height of application versatility, design flexibility, construction integrity and operating economy.

Will the Best Available Technology continue to improve? Undoubtedly, and AbsolutAire is determined to lead the way in continuing to make advancements in HVAC systems available for your green building design and construction.