Direct and Indirect-Fired Solutions

AbsolutAire Paint Booth - Kalamazoo, MI

Paint Finishing System

AA-Series Spray & Bake System

Key Facts:
Product: AbsolutAire AA-Series Upright “Spray & Bake” System
Model: AA4-UVX
Airflow: 10,500/5,260 CFM
Capacity: 1,100 MBH
Fuel: Natural Gas

Outside Air (OA) Filter Section
Spray-and-Bake Controls
Auto-Damper Close
Service Platform

Installed: 2001

Project Overview:
Custom-designed paint booths help AbsolutAire maintain high-volume production schedules with the right finishing touch. Standard dark-green enamel finishes, along with occasional “facility matched” customer-requested paints, are flawlessly applied and efficiently dried in the “spray & bake” finishing operation used by the company.

An AbsolutAire AA4-UVX unit ensures precise temperature, humidity, and ventilation. During painting, the direct-fired system operates in a spray mode that provides high-volume, low-temperature ventilation for a safe working environment that conforms to state and federal requirements. For quick drying, the system operates in a bake mode to provide low-volume, high-temperature ventilation for a user-specified period. Compared with conventional air-drying processes, the system sharply reduces drying times.

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